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Broken Vessels Poetry Book

Broken Vessels Poetry Book

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This book is dedicated to the down-casted, overlooked, abused, mistreated, neglected, betrayed, homeless, hurt and wounded people. I am a witness that God does not despise a broken spirit or a contrite heart (Psalms 51:17). God is able to purify, refine and define who you are. He is able to use the broken pieces of our lives and mold us into beautiful broken vessels! Her ability to paint morals of imaginary, clarity, feelings, and emotions with her strokes of the pen is amazing. You will be taken on a stimulating ride for your mind, where you will be at ease while Latoya's creativity will guide you through. Reading her writings is truly a time not wasted, it's a positive moment of time that will comfort your mind.

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  • Book Reviews

    Broken Vessels: Letters to Abba

    Raw material, in the most divine and intimate way that a human being can share with another. You know it’s good when a book has the ability to change one’s perspective on life & love. I’m soo happy and very proud of you Latoya. Thank you for touching my heart with your writing just as much as your extraordinary humor had always brought me to tears in our old school daze. May your blessings continue to overflow.
    Signed an old friend,
    T. Williams

    Changed Mind 

    The poem titled “Changed Mind” encouraged me as the author implied that looking back at the past does us no good as well as for our minds and our thinking patterns. In order to shift ourselves into a different direction we must shift those two things in order to be transformed and to change our ways to move forward in life, because our mind is a battlefield and it is a weapon that can be used effectively when we are free from toxic thinking.

    J. Bartels

    Fellow Author Review 

    I purchased a lot of books to support black authors because I know the God I serve always allow an overflow of blessings to come back to me tenfold. I been waiting on this copy and it finally came today and I'm already reading it. I love the poems, they are ministering to the depths of my heart! It has truly spoken to me in a way that I should continuously speak into myself because we are what we think!! Purchase your copy. Thank you Author Latoya Washington for this powerful book!! 

    Author Jass Covlin

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