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All About Us

RhemaCreationz is a company designed by David and Latoya Washington. The couple collaborated their vision, ideas, and personal convictions to improve the moral and economic depravity in the community. After working a combined 25 years of serving local youth. The couple came together to build the brand, RhemaCreationz. Owner David Washington worked with inner city youth in Philadelphia for twelve years with Phi Beta Sigma after school program "Nu Sigma" youth services. While working with the youth, David participated in various community programs with the youth and their families. Programs that include reading carnival, talent showcase, flag football league, basketball league and annual awards banquet. David participated in math and reading carnival. David and fellow members of Nu Sigma youth services worked with the youth through mentorship and after-school tutoring. Co-owner Latoya Washington has ten years’ experience working with local youth in the Harrisburg Community. Latoya has conducted seminars and workshops to help local youth. She has taught and trained on low self-esteem, bullying, confidence, commitment and much more. Latoya has taught local youth about planning for college and available programs for tuition assistance. David and Latoya continue to work with organizations to help fight hunger and homelessness. The couple believes in the importance of serving others with an attitude of gratitude. The couple is dedicated to providing services to families to help heal from depression. They have been blessed to work with a local counselor to host virtual live teachings on depression, suicide, fear of failure and much more! The couple continues to help the community by providing seminars, workshops and one-on-one mentorship by teaching biblical principles in modern society.

RhemaCreationz sole purpose is to ensure the gospel of Jesus Christ, is creatively expressed to the uttermost parts of the world. To follow the command, “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19). David and Latoya believe in doing what the word of God commands to those that believe. The couple believes it is their responsibility to continue to follow Jesus Christ command to Go! As believers their foundation is in the Word of God. Each product was distinctly and prophetically designed to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The couple believes in serving the community and being a blessing to those that are overlooked, ostracized, ridiculed, and rejected. But most importantly the couple works towards bringing communities together in unity to share the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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