Broken Vessels T-shirt

Broken Vessels T-shirt

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While taking time to read Broken Vessels be sure to purchase a comfortable t-shirt. This shirt is comfortable and worn indoors/outdoors. This book is dedicated to the down-casted, overlooked, abused, mistreated, neglected, betrayed, homeless, hurt and wounded people. I am a witness that God does not despise a broken spirit or a contrite heart (Psalms 51:17). God is able to purify, refine and define who you are. He is able to use the broken pieces of our lives and mold us into beautiful broken vessels! Her ability to paint morals of imaginary, clarity, feelings, and emotions with her strokes of the pen is amazing. You will be taken on a stimulating ride for your mind, where you will be at ease while Latoya's creativity will guide you through. Reading her writings is truly a time not wasted, it's a positive moment of time that will comfort your mind.


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